The Long Night

Session 11 Recap

Session Recap

The party escorts the captured villagers back to Winterhaven where they are met with a heroes’ welcome. Lord Padraig and the town hold a banquet in honor of the adventurers for rescuing their relatives and neighbors, and ending Kalarel’s mad designs. Ryltar challenges the local drinking champion, Hutvig, to a battle of spirits. The epic conflict results in a draw with the charismatic Halfling passing out simultaneously with a human three times his body mass.

A dwarven warrior from Feiyin’s hometown happens to be in town as a caravan guard, and decides to lend his axe to the party. Not ones to turn away a skilled warrior, they accept the hardy fellow, Thordrus, who is vouched for by the party’s Servant of Moradin. The half-dozen leave for Fallcrest the next morning, jubilant, but a little hung-over. Thoreth recalls a note in the evil ritual book that Kalarel was using to unseal the portal that mentions Gardmore Abbey; the priest of Orcus had sent some of his men to find a book called “The Hand and the Eye” in the long-abandoned structure.

Unable to resist their curiosity, the heroes make a side-trek to the old abbey on their way back to civilization. The upper structure has not stood up well to the ravages of time, but the library below has preserved its written material well. The team is able to track some footprints into the basement, and their cautious advance pays off when they are prepared for an ambush by a group of wights. They defeat the undead handily and find a pair of Orcus cultists drained of life by the wights. A thorough search of the basement turns up the ritual book Kalarel had mentioned, and some gold off the cultists, which Ryltar politely “gathers” for the party.

Treasure Taken

· A ritual book titled, “The Hand and the Eye”.

· 50 gp.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 163 XP per person.

· A deathlock wight slaughtered.

· 4 wights put to rest.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus):

· 10 word recaps = 44 XP. Haikus = 45 XP.



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