The Long Night

Session 12 Recap

Session Recap

The party makes its way back to Fallcrest uneventfully, where they return to the House of the Sun, a temple to Pelor, the Sun God, to gather their reward. They are greeted by the high priest, Grundelmar. The Dwarf doesn’t appear to know what the adventurers are talking about, but when they mention Sister Marla, he turns them over to her to take care of the details. The Elven cleric of Pelor debriefs the heroes, and seems especially interested in the ritual books that they retrieved from Kalarel and the Abbey. The party agrees to loan her the texts for her to translate.

Marla then attempts to recruit the adventurers to a mysterious cause to “restore civilization”. She flatters their abilities and entices them with knowledge and power. The heroes warily accept, and Sister Marla gives them an amulet and a note to Irina Swiftwater, the Halfling in charge of the Lower Quays. She tells them that they will engage in some “trials” to prove their worth to her secret organization. Several party members decide to store their excess wealth at the temple in case the trials take a turn for the worse.

The heroes then split up to visit various eating and drinking establishments in the town to prepare themselves for the adventure ahead. Several hours later, they reassemble at the Lower Quays, and obtain a rowboat with directions to row to the island in the center of the river. After landing, they make their way up to the statue of Vendar, an ancient human hero. His statue has several amulet-sized indentations, one of which is a match for the amulet granted by Sister Marla. Its use reveals a magically hidden doorway that leads into a domed vault with a teleportation circle in the center. Using the amulet again whisks the party far away to a similar chamber.

The new teleportation circle room leads into a larger circular hall whose walls and ceiling are covered with murals of the war between the great ancient empires of Bael Turath and Arkhosia. At the far end is a dais flanked by statues of a Dragonborn warrior whose armor is in the style of Arkhosia and a Tiefling priestess whose robes are in the style of Bael Turath. Advancing cautiously into the larger area, the room magically brightens, and an illusory figure resembling the Tiefling priestess appears on the dais. She introduces herself as Zvahl and welcomes the party to “The Halls of Remembrance”. She gives them a brief history lesson on the rise and fall of the mighty civilizations and tells them that great knowledge and power await those who can complete the trials ahead. Once begun, the adventurers may not leave and have twenty-four hours to complete their tasks. Not ones to shy away, the heroes agree, and assemble in the center of the room on six glowing rune circles.

The battle that follows include a pair of Dragonborn warriors, a squad of Legion Devils, and a stealthy Tiefling assassin, all intent on killing Zvahl. All the combatants, including their Tiefling patron, seem solid enough, despite appearing out of nowhere. The battle is relatively simple, and party comes out relatively unscathed, with Zvahl taking the brunt of many of the attacks. A door magically appears behind the dais to the next room, while the previous entrance remains sealed. Senzou’s Strikers have no choice put to push forward.

Treasure Taken

· 250 gp.

· Senzou and Thordrus gain “Glyphs of Defense”.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 159 XP per person.

· Tiefling assassin assassinated.

· 2 Dragonborn fighters fought.

· 4 Legion Devils decommissioned.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus): 4227 XP.

· 10 word recaps = 44 XP. Haikus = 45 XP.



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