The Long Night

Session 13 Recap

Session Recap

Our heroes advance to the next trial, where they meet the dragonborn spirit, Dimisa, Paladin of the Platinum Dragon. He sarcastically claps as they enter, “congratulating” them on passing the first trial. He says his trial will be much tougher, and he would give the players information, but he doesn’t want to waste his breath, since most challengers are rebuked by his scenario. Feiyin trades some jabs with him; in the end the party decides to fight first and ask questions later.

The fight involves two dragonborn soldiers, a rage drake, and two tiefling wizards ensconced at the far end on balconies. The well-armored party members pin down the footsoldiers while Ryltar works his way around the edge and Thoreth snipes at long range. Thordrus locks the fight down in the center of the room while he absorbs huge amounts of damage from swords, teeth, and flaming balefire. He stands strong, though, but towards the end of the fight, they bloody the rage drake, which goes beserk and takes huge chunk out of the dwarf. Ezreal encourages a tactical retreat, but the dwarf has other plans, and beheads the raging beast with two quick, but devastating axe blows.

Feiyin and a tiefling wizard trade energy bolts on one side, unable to land a solid hit, while Ryaltar scrambles up the other side and picks his target slowly apart with a steady stream of short-range dagger hits. Ezreal peppers the Priestess of Moradin’s target with stunning javelin hits, while Ryltar diverts his attacks to the last enemy on the balcony across from him. The wizard races down his side, retreating from Thordrus, while Ryltar runs in parallel peppering him with dagger hits. Thordrus finally catches up and lands a hit, but the tiefling teleports away and ducks below the opposite balcony, hiding from the Halfling and the eladrin. In a John Woo-style finish, the two heroes dive off the balcony; Ryaltar hits the evil wizard in the chest, and Thoreth evaporates the wizard’s head with a magic missile.

After the dust clears – the enemies disappear in motes of darkness as they are defeated – they are able to inspect the room, which chronicles the Great War between Bael Turath and Arkhosia as they escalate their weapons of mass destruction. The tieflings summon stronger and stronger devils, while the dragonborn conscript their youth and retirees and mutate their trained drakes into more and more lethal weapons.

Treasure Taken

· None!

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 220 XP per person.

· 1 Rage Drake pacified.

· 2 Dragonborn Soldiers defeated.

· 2 Tiefling Wizards killed.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus): 4447 XP.

· 10 word recaps = 44 XP. Haikus = 45 XP.

· I’ve noticed that we often have trouble mustering the full group. I think something fun might be to create short 2 – 3 encounter side quests that are tailored to expanding the story of a single character. If you could, send me a quick email about what a personal quest might be about, and I can work on a bunch of little adventures that we can run if we’re missing a few too many people.


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Session 13 Recap

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