The Long Night

Session 15 Recap

It’s been a while; hopefully my summary actually reflects the goings-on from last session.

Session Recap

The group continues on to the Tiefling wing of the dungeon. The general shape of the chamber mirrors the first Dragonborn room, with an L-shaped channel through the center of the room. There are murals on the walls depicting the glories of Bael Turath, the ancient Tiefling empire; and the room is filled with rows of statues of what looks like adventurers dressed in clothing of various past ages.

Zvahl appears to present the challenge, but in a new twist, she frees a female human warlock from her stone prison. Xeslana recovers quite quickly from the shock, and throws her lot in with the group. The next trial is only for five supplicants, and Ryaltar sits this one out. The warlock quickly proves her worth in combat as the party handily defeats four Spined Devils. Thordrus is burned badly by their flaming, poisonous barbs, but Feiyin and Ezreal are able to keep the hardy dwarf on his feet.

The new warlock has certainly shown her effectiveness in martial pursuits; the question remains: can she be trusted?

Treasure Taken

· None.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 200 XP per person.

· 4 Spined Devils shot down.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus): 5072 XP. Level 5: 5500 XP.

· 10 word recaps = 44 XP. Haikus = 45 XP.

· I’m looking for a volunteer to make sure people are ready to play on time and to keep the session moving ahead speedily. Please talk to me if you’re interested.



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