The Long Night

Session 5 Recap

Session Recap

A disciplined search of the three cells adjoining the torture room uncovers a goblin named Splug. Thoreth, Ryaltar, and Ezreal strike a deal with him: Splug will provide information and guidance about the keep and not betray the party, and, in return, the party will let him free at the end of five days. The party continues through the iron banded doors to the east, setting up a stealthy ambush which they ruin by opening the doors and arguing at length about their clever plan. Despite the loss of surprise, they annihilate Balgron the Fat, the goblin chief, and his bodyguards. Splug bravely covers the party’s back from behind a table that the Mighty Sly Flourish (aka Ryaltar) flipped over. Balgron, like many of the party’s enemies, realizes he is overmatched and runs, only to be caught and executed mercilessly.

The heroes thoroughly ransack Balgron’s quarters, discovering a pile of gold and a magic staff. On Splug’s expert guidance, they decide to brave the zombie guardians that defend the passage deeper into the keep. The zombie area is pitch dark, but Splug provides critical lighting with one of the team’s sunrods. The walking dead swarm the party from two sides, but are defeated, except for a corruption corpse that backs off deeper into the crypt, into a hall with ten sarcophagi. The regenerating zombie triggers some ancient trap, and skeletons come pouring out of the sarcophagi, attacking both the zombie and the party with impunity. The heroes deal with both groups of undead, but the skeletons appear to endlessly emerge from the stone coffins. Senzou presses ahead to what appears to be a shrine to the Platinum Dragon. He reads Draconic text that suggests supplicants kneel and praise Bahamut. Unwilling to make an obeisance to any but his patron, Kord, he relays the information to Kayne, who follows the instructions. The silvery light from the ceiling mosaic brightens and the remaining skeleton returns to its sarcophagus, and the tomb falls blissfully silent – perhaps for the first time in decades.

Treasure Taken

· +1 magic staff. 360 gp.

· Six small dragon statues of silver and platinum. 60 gp each. Glow with a faint, silvery light; glow brighter when near each other or near the altars to Bahamut in the keep.

· 560 gp

· Mundane goblin weapons and armor. Ancient Nerath weapons and armor from skeletons; of no particular historical value.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 496 XP!

· Balgron the Fat executed.

· 5 goblin warriors frozen.

· 10 goblin cutters flamed.

· 1 goblin hexer blinded and stabbed in the eye.

· 1 corruption corpse detonated.

· 10 zombie rotters put to rest.

· 4 zombies brained.

· 17 decrepit skeletons decimated.

· 3 skeleton warriors shattered.

Rules Stuff

· 10 word recaps = 30 XP. Haikus = 31 XP.

· We seem to have trouble getting started on time; part of that was my fault for volunteering to get food instead of setting up. New rule: DM does not go pick up food any more. How do people feel about starting half an hour earlier at 7:30?



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