The Long Night

Session 6 Recap

Session Recap

The party returns to the keep where Splug has been faithfully keeping watch. Upon entering the dungeon, they have a flashback where troops are fighting Sir Keegan, forcing him down the crypt stairs. Unaffected by the ghostly vision, they move on and search the “dig” first, where Kalarel had convinced the goblins that the room had buried treasure. A thorough search turns nothing up, and, not being in the business of digging, the party decides to return to the zombie area. Ryaltar scouts ahead, nimbly leaping over the fear wards. The rest of the party proceeds to follow, but Feiyin triggers one of the runes. Moradin protects her from the fear effect(s), but other party members are not as Dwarven, and flee in fear, triggering other wards. Fortunately, there are no undead to take advantage.

Kayne discovers a secret side armory further concealed by an illusory wall. Our heroes handily defeat the zombie guardians, and answer a simple riddle (“Honor!”) to claim a magical suit of platemail, which Senzou immediately dons. They continue deeper in, down a steep set of stairs, into an area guarded by hobgoblins. With the advantage of surprise, they quickly slaughter the first set of guards, but more rush in from the sounds of combat. One soldier is able to reach a cage with a giant spider, which he frees with his dying breath. The spider leaps in a blur towards Thoreth, attempting to knock the Eladrin into a deep well in the center of the room, but it fails, and soon falls to Ryaltar’s blades.

Further in, the party triggers a portcullis, which reroutes them towards a hobgoblin barracks. They spring another surprise attack, catching more enemies unaware, but are soon caught on two fronts by the hobgoblin chief and his troops coming from the area behind the portcullis. He orders his troops to try and take the intruders alive to sell as slaves, but his cockiness soon turns to fear as Thoreth rolls his flaming sphere into the ambushers. It is a tough, hard-won battle, but in the end, the hobgoblins are naught but smoking corpses. What further dangers await in the depths of the keep?

Treasure Taken

· +1 Blackiron Plate Armor. 840 gp. PHB 227.

· Ironskin belt. 1000 gp. PHB 252.

· 30 gp.

· 61 sp.

· Mundane hobgoblin armor and weapons.

· Includes a search of the current area, but not the area past the portcullis.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 605 XP. Having not been closely tracking bonus XP from recaps, there is a small possibility that some of you diligent haiku writers could be 3rd level.

· Deathjump Spider squished.

· Hobgoblin Warchief assassinated.

· Hobgoblin Warcaster defeated in a wizard duel.

· 2 Hobgoblin Archers bested in an archer duel.

· 11 Hobgoblin Soldiers killed.

· 14 Hobgoblin Grunts terminated.

· 5 zombies put to rest.

Rules Stuff

· 10 word recaps = 30 XP. Haikus = 31 XP.

· How do people feel about players enforcing the 5-word-rule on fellow players? That is, you call each other out instead of the DM being the 5-word warden?



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