The Long Night

Session 7 Recap

Session Recap

Gelatinous cube.

Splorch! You have been engulfed, too.

It tastes like burning.

Our heroes take a breather after the big hobgoblin battle, and head south into the warchief’s chambers; Kayne falls ill with the Goblin Flu and returns to Winterhaven. They find some gold and a viciously sharp magic dagger, which Ryaltar gleefully claims. On the table, the party finds sketches of plans to assault Winterhaven with a force of twenty hobgoblins and hundreds of undead. Thoreth stuffs the plans in his bag, and the group pushes forward.

Deeper in the keep, the party comes upon a room full of deathtraps: a giant mechanical statue, dragon statues that shoot force orbs, and cherub statues that create some sort of water trap. Feiyin, Thoreth, and Ryaltar are able to disarm the cherus, and the team skirts the rest of the traps. The trap room leads into an abattoir; humanoid corpses litter the room, and assorted zombies, gravehounds, a ghoul, and a clay homunculus rush the party, but our brave heroes hold the line. The clay scout attempts to escape to the next room, but Ezreal sprints ahead and grabs him, holding him long enough for Feiyin to splatter the magical construct with her warhammer. Splug steps up to earn his keep by tossing a javelin and dropping a zombie.

Not wanting to press their luck, the party backtracks to a boarded-up door marked “Closed” in Goblin. Within they find suspiciously clean-swept hallways, and soon discover the cause: a gelatinous cube. The clear, quivering cube sweeps into the passageway, blocking all escape and engulfing the party one member at a time. Pounding on the giant beast from within and without, they slowly wear it down. Thoreth opens some distance with his expeditious retreat, but it triggers sarcophagi further in and the party finds itself trapped between oozing corruption corpses and the cube. Feiyin calls on Moradin with a clutch mass heal, and Ryaltar pops the jelly, dumping his companions onto the dungeon floor. With the battle reduced to one front, the heroes of Winterhaven turn the tide and mop up the rest of their foes.

Treasure Taken

· +1vVicious dagger. 520 gp. PHB 236.

· Bag of holding. 1000 gp. PHB 253.

· Safewing Amulet +1. 680 gp. 680 gp. PHB 251.

· Gold medallion with the name “Drystan Keegan” etched into it. 250 gp.

· Thin platinum bracelet with the name “Ceinwein Keegan” etched into it. 200 gp.

· Hairbrush with mother-of-pearl handle. 5 gp.

· 556 gp.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 546 XP. Everyone should be 3rd level now.

· One room of deathtraps circumvented.

· One gelatinous cube squished.

· 2 corruption corpses exploded.

· One ghoul silenced.

· 2 zombies defeated.

· 12 zombie rotters put to rest.

· 2 gravehounds euthanized.

· One clay scout flattened.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus): 2678 XP.

· 10 word recaps = 40 XP. Haikus = 41 XP.



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