The Long Night

Session 9 Recap

Session Recap

Our heroes take a quick breather and put together a plan to disrupt Kalarel’s dark ritual. Splug and Thoreth stay above to snipe until the cultists are engaged, while the sturdier adventurers streak down the bloody chains into the portal room below.

Everyone makes it down, safely, although Feiyin does so a little more quickly than the rest. Senzou moves towards the altar to pin down Kalarel and his skeleton guards, while the rest of the group try to knock out the deathlock wight, which eventually falls in a pitched battle. Senzou is able to pull the fight into the center of the room, but Kalarel and his bodyguards take advantage of the corrupted binding circle, gaining defenses and healing. Meanwhile, a blazing skeleton climbs out of a pit to assault the party at range.

Kalarel turns out to be a heavy melee hitter, and the party has trouble flanking him, as he gains support from the portal into the Shadowfell, which reaches out for nearby enemies with hungry tentacles. Thoreth carefully makes his way down to the circle with the binding mirror, and works quickly to undo Kalarel’s ritual. Senzou takes heavy hits from Kalarel and the blazing skeleton, but his armor protects him even while he is on fire and crackling with necrotic energy. The brave paladin and the wily rogue are knocked unconscious several times by Kalarel’s astounding weapon skills, but Ezreal and Feiyin are able to keep the party on its feet.

After several tense rounds, Thoreth, with Ezreal’s assistance, is able to uncorrupt the magic circle, destroying the rest of the undead, and turning its healing and defensive powers to the heroes’ advantage. Kalarel fights on in frustration, but the flaming sphere finally makes its appearance onstage and it is only a matter of time before the combined might of the party brings the insane cleric to his knees. His fury turns to fear as the tentacles pull him into the Shadowfell, and his pleas to his Lord Orcus are cut short as he disappears into the portal. The room falls silent, and the portal gives one last ripple before it becomes still. The party gives a collective sigh of relief.

Next time: escort the captured villagers back to Winterhaven, bask in adoration, and decide what to do next.

Treasure Taken

· Fireburst robes +1. 680 gp. PHB 230.

· Lightning longsword +1. 1000gp. PHB 235.

· 981 gp.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 460 XP per person.

· Major quest completed: investigate and halt death cult activity near Winterhaven. Return to Sister Marla in Fallcrest to get your 250 gp reward.

· Kalarel assassinated.

· 2 skeleton warriors crushed.

· 1 blazing skeleton shut down.

· 1 deathlock wight terminated.

Rules Stuff

· Running XP Total (without haikus): 3663 XP. 4th level is 3750 XP.

· 10 word recaps = 44 XP. Haikus = 45 XP.



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