The Long Night

Session Recap 4

Session Recap

The party gets some useful information about the keep during a midnight meeting with Valthrun the Prescient and the elven flower-seller, Delphina Moongem. They learn the keep is infested with goblins and, recently, hobgoblin troopers. Valthrun tells the party that the ancient purpose of the keep was to guard a rift to the Shadowfell – a rift that spewed vile undead into this world until wizards of the Nerath Empire were able to seal it.

Forewarned, and fore-armed with shiny new magical armor, the heroes venture out to the keep on the Shadowfell, and have their first meeting with its goblin defenders. They defeat the first set of guards and retreat back into the daylight for a short rest to bandage their wounds, only to face reinforcements minutes later in the same rat-infested entryway. Further exploration reveals a prison/torture room deeper in the dungeon, where they slaughter a hobgoblin and his goblin accomplices. A bit battered and bruised from their busy hour in the keep, the party considers retreating back to Winterfell for an extended rest.

Treasure Taken

· +1 bloodcut hide armor. PHB 227. 840 gp.

· +1 symbol of battle (Moradin). PHB 237. 1000 gp.

· 120 gp.

· 101 sp.

· Mundane goblin weapons and armor. Crossbows and scores of crossbow bolts. Rations, both rotten and not-rotten. Some small kegs of low-quality ale.

· 50 gp advance from Lord Padraig to deal with the Keep situation; promise of 200 more when the quest is complete.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 387 XP per character. Welcome to level 2.

· 1 goblin skullcleaver cleaved.

· 8 goblin sharpshooters sniped.

· 3 goblin warriors killed.

· 1 hobgoblin torturer murdered.

· 4 guard drakes euthanized.

· 1 rat swarm barbequed.

Rules Stuff

· 10 word recaps = 25 XP. Haikus = 26 XP.

· Leveling up: Players’ Handbook p. 27. Also, don’t forget to update your healing surge amounts; when you gain HP for your level, it also increases your bloodied threshold and the amount you heal from spending a healing surge.

· All magical item details can be found in the Players’ Handbook equipment section; no unique magic items (yet).



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