The Long Night

Session Recap 3

Really good work, everyone! Nice teamwork, nice use of dailies and action points. Now that I’m convinced you’ve all Learned 2 Play Teh Deeanddeez, it’s time to leave the starter zone. Spend your gold wisely: it’s time to enter… The Keep on the Shadowfell!

Session Recap

Players work as team

Irontooth not all that tough really

Now the gloves come off

Treasure Taken

· +1 Dwarven Chain Mail. +1 to AC, +1 to Endurance checks, daily power: as a free action regain hp as if you had spent a healing surge. 520 gp.

· Irontooth’s head = 100gp.

· 30 kobold heads = 150 gp.

· 436 gp

· 65 sp

· A note to Irontooth from Kalarel: “My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.”

· Mundane weapons and armor from the bodies of the kobolds, including hide armor, light shields, spears, javelins, short swords, chain mail, and a battleaxe.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

· 228 XP per character.

· Irontooth assassinated.

· 2 kobold dragonshields defeated.

· 3 kobold skirmishers killed.

· Kobold slinger sliced and diced.

· Kobold wyrmpriest blasted.

· 11 kobold minions slaughtered.

· Quest completed: Irontooth and his band of kobolds eliminated.

Rules Stuff

· Reminder: 10 word recaps = 25 XP. Haikus = 26 XP.

· The Five Word Rule: you get 5 words to use during the round. Each additional 5 words use up a minor action. If you speak 20 words in a round, you’ve used up all your actions for the round. If you continue to speak, you take the same amount of damage as your healing surge value (i.e. ¼ of your hp); after that, you can talk as much as you want in that round. Exception: if you use a power that allows another player to do something (move, attack, & etc.), you may say 5 words along with that action. You may spew as much non-game-relevant flavor text as you like; e.g. “For Kord!” or “Take that you stupid kobold!”

Session Recap 2

Session Recap

Gnome cons the party

Guard drakes maul fearless warlord

Heroes catch runner

Arrows fly from sky

Kobolds deflect dragon ice

Sharp dagger in eye

Treasure Taken * +1 Amulet of Health. +1 to Fort, Ref, and Will defense; resist poison 5. 680 gp. * Ancient Nerath silver mirror, possibly used in demon/devil/portal binding spells. Or not. It belongs in any museum that can pay 550 gp for it.

  • 65 gp.
  • 13 sp.
  • Tons of mundane kobold junk, and unbeheaded, unsearched kobold bodies.

Creatures Killed & XP Earned * 216 XP per character.

  • Gnome crossbowman run down.
  • Halfling slinger perforated.
  • 2 guard drakes decimated.
  • 4 human diggers buried.
  • 10 kobold minions murdered.
  • Kobold skirmisher bludgeoned.
  • Kobold dragonshield stabbed in the eye.
  • Rescued Douven Staul from his captors, a cell of Orcus cultists.

Rules Stuff

  • Reminder: 10 word recaps = 25 XP. Haikus = 26 XP.
  • Notes about treasure: shopkeepers won’t buy mundane items, like the kobold’s armor and weapons and stuff, but the players are free to use them. They will buy magic items and other items that I tell you have real gp value.
  • Level 2 is 1000 XP.
  • A suit of +1 plate armor is currently in Bairwin’s Goods waiting to be purchased by the heroes.
Session Recap 1

Welcome to D&D! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. In my other campaign, I reward people for writing recaps of each session, but not many people do, because it’s too much work. So I’m going to try something new: the 10 word recap. Recap last session in 10 words or less and earn 25 XP. It’s easy!

Session Recap

Players killed kobolds; made insight checks. Kayne was a dick.

Treasure Taken

  • 7 spears
  • 15 javelins
  • 6 light shields
  • Sling
  • 20 sling bullets
  • Gluepot
  • 5 short swords
  • 5 heavy shields
  • 5 gp
  • 57 sp

Creatures Killed & XP Earned

  • 200 XP per person.
  • 5 kobold minions burnt alive.
  • 5 kobold dragonshields perforated.
  • 1 kobold skirmisher stabbed.
  • 1 kobold wyrmpriest magic missiled.
  • 1 kobold slinger slain.
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